Just think you could be on the big board in only 20 to 30 years!

We also get some very strange questions. Here are a few:
Do you have a ladies room? For some reason many ladies do not realize that the bamboo curtain is the entrance to the women's room. It says “Wahini” (women in Hawaiian).
Do you have a back room? An upstairs? A basement? Many can not believe that a bar can be so small.
Do I have to wait outside? Where else are you going to wait? Sorry, once the Tik is full, you have to wait outside, until someone comes out.
I don’t have my I.D., but my dad used to come here in the 50’s, will you let me in? Nice try but the Tiki has only been here since the 60's.
I don’t have my I.D., but I do have a card on the wall, will you let me in? If you have a card on the wall, then you know that you have to have an I.D. with you. Nice try now go home.
I have a seat (or drink) waiting for me inside with my friends, can you let me in? Sorry this will not work. If other people are waiting in line you have to go back to the end of the line and wait.
Can I go outside and make a phone call? If we let everyone out who wanted to make a phone call go outside, we could not keep track of everyone who was outside, so please use the restrooms to make a call, it is quieter back there.
I see a place where I could stand, why don’t you let me in? Please don’t argue with the door person, it will only take longer for you to get in. There are many reasons for making people wait, enough room is just one of them. Someone may have stepped out to get more money, there may have been a big rush of people that are keeping the bartenders busy. There might be a clean up, several people in the bathroom, etc. And hey, sometimes the Mikes need to take a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my name on the wall?
We get that question a lot. Well you need to become a regular, suck down a lot of tiki drinks and see your smiling face in the bar. How do you know when you are a regular? The regulars know you.

Why are you open only Wednesday through Saturday?
Those are the most popular days that people go out to drink, we rest on the other days and it takes time to get the bar prepared for Wednesday.
I would like to have a private party at the TIKI, can I do that?
Sorry. No private parties, first come, first served.
Can I reserve a table?
Sorry, once again first come, first served.
I have come by the TIKI several times on a Friday or Saturday, but you were closed. Why were you not open?
We close for 3 to 4 weeks every 3 months, check the calendar section for our schedule. Hey we have to get to the islands every now and again.
Why don’t you make the bar larger?
For several reasons, one it just would not be the same TIKI and two we can only make so many drinks, so it stays the same.
Why don’t you serve beer or wine?
You can get beer or wine at almost any bar. We specialize in one of kind tiki drinks that can’t be found anywhere else.
Where did all the stuff on the walls come from?
Almost all the tiki items pictures and stuff were donated from long time patrons.
I just want to go outside and talk to my friends, can I get back in?
No. At certain times (when it is very busy) no in and outs. If you go outside and there is a line of people waiting you must wait in line again. Sorry.
I have something that I would like to give to the Tiki, will you put it up?
It depends on what it is, if it is too large or does not fit the decor. No. It is up to Michael. Not everything that has been given to them makes it on the wall; so don’t cry if you give them something and it does not go up. They only have so much room.
Can I get a flaming drink or a drink with fire?
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