Ho‘okipa I Ka Malihini
(Welcome to our house)… 


…and the official web site of the world famous TIKI-TI (pronounced: tea-key-tea). A family-owned and operated Tropical Drink Bar located in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California. We have been serving up the most unique Tiki Drinks in the country for over 50 years.

When you step into the Tiki-Ti, (some call it the Tiki, the Ti, or sometimes the Tik) it's almost like stepping back in time. The bar is small -- only 12 stools, with a handful of tables against the walls -- but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in menu size. There are 94 Tropical Drinks on offer, most of which simply can't be found anywhere else. Unfortunately we can't serve up a drink on the web, but we hope you enjoy this web site as we try to give you a little taste of what the Tiki-Ti is like when it is open.


The bar was opened in 1961 by master mixologist Ray Buhen, who was there at the start of the Tropical Drink craze at Don The Beachcomber’s legendary restaurant. His son and grandson, Michael and Mike Buhen now carry on his tradition; together, they practice the “Lost Art” of Exotic Cocktail mixing in the last of the great neighborhood tiki bars. To learn more about Ray’s life, the Tiki-Ti’s origin, and the history of the tropical drink, click on our HISTORY icon.

With 94 Tropical Drinks to choose from, you'll want to preface your trip to the Ti with a look at our DRINKS section, which features full-color photos and descriptions of the Tiki-Ti's exotic cocktails.

Almost as colorful as the drinks are the customers. To meet the "Regulars, The Usual Suspects, those names on The Big Board and more " click the PATRONS icon. Our NEWS section offers the latest evens at the Tiki-Ti along with newspaper, magazine articles and television interviews about the bar (Nowadays someone is always writing something about the Tiki-Ti!).

The Tiki-Ti now opens at 4 P.M. But check our CALENDAR section before you go -- it will tell you when the owners are on vacation, in which case the bar will be closed.

For such a small bar, first-time customers sure have a lot of questions: Why the odd hours? Can I use credit cards? For all the answers -- to these and other questions -- click on the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) icon. And check out the new Side Bar on the right hand side of this home page, it has the Tiki-Ti Survival 101 Guide of Quick Tips for the new Tiki-Ti Patron.

The LINKS section will take you to a list of our friends who frequent the Tiki-Ti and are involved in the whole Pop Polynesian Culture.

If you not familiar with Los Angeles Hollywood area or you need directions click on the MAP icon for detailed directions and maps. If you need to contact us or you want to put a Tiki-Ti link on your web site, please use the CONTACT icon.

Welcome ... and Okole Maluna!


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Meet Your Bartenders

Michael and his son Mike along with our new bartender Greg are carrying on the Tiki-Ti tradition that Ray Buhen started over 80 years ago.

Quick Tips for the new Tiki-Ti patron.
SORRY Cash Only
No Credit Cards

ATM Now Available in the back of the bar.
Please have a valid picture identification ready at the door.
If there is a line at the door and you have a large group (six or more) you will get in faster if you go in two by two.
If you are waiting in line, you can ask the door person for a drink menu.

Cut to the Chase.
Ray’s Mistake is the most popular drink. The Stealth is the Strongest.

Be patient. Please don't interrupt the Bartenders when they are mixing drinks. Wait for them to ask you what you want.
In the back of the Tiki-Ti there is a Video Menu with over 40 animated drink descriptions.

Please don't ask for beer or wine, we don't serve them. (You can get a beer anywhere.)

Still can't choose a drink? Try The Wheel.
New at the Tiki: Hooks under the bar, for purses or bags. Seems rather silly, but with so little space, it really helps.
Once inside, if you need to get more cash, please let the door person know before you walk outside, or you may end up at the end of the line.
If you need to use a cell phone, and there is a line out the door, use the restroom, there is less noise in there.

What are those crazy drinks where everyone starts yelling? It's either the Blood & Sand or the Uga Booga.

If you want some snack mix, please ask the bartender. Once the mix is gone for the night sorry, that's it.

Don’t like crowds? Or waiting in line? Come in on a Thursday night or early any day we are open.

The Tiki-Ti Last Call on is is 1:20 AM and we close at 2 AM Sharp. So Drink up!


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