Other Cool Sitescool sites

Cigar Aficionado (Light up a good cigar at the Tiki-Ti, leave the bad ones for ohter places)

Urban Legends (Cures for drunkeness)

Rock Scissors, Paper Plus (The best way to figure out who gets the next round.)

Yesterland (Where did my childhood go?)
Luxuria Music (A nice aternative to the Hawaiian Music, featuring Outré Lounge, Latin Jazz, Grovy 60's, Exotica, Surf and a lot more.)
Les Baxter (the king of lounge music)
Dead or Alive? (who is still alive?)
Martin Denny (the sounds of tiki)
Ka'au Crater Boys (as heard at the tiki)
Retro Crush (pop culture)
Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
(You know the words so sing along…In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki,Tiki…)
Quirky Japan (as only Japan can be)
Odd Pics (Please use extreme caution)
Dr.Pepper (Are You A Pepper?)
Bizarre Records (bizarre record covers)
WJYC (Hot Latin Jazz)
DynamicDrive (many thanks)
Javascript.internet (many thanks)
Cockeyed (Wacky Photo Funnies)
Dribble Glass (Sips from the DG of Life)
Brians Drive-In Theater (Drive in what?)
SpiroGraph (cool little applet)
Valley URL (Translate a Site into VAL speak!)
Brainy Quote (When you need a quote, but don't quote me on that.)
Dave’s Script-O-Rama (Steal from the best!)
What Does Your Phone # Spell? (976-????)
Gravitram (Interactive Science, Wow what fun!)
Solar System Live (Aren't you curious?)
Virtual Etch-A-Sketch (A good time waster)
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
Java’s Bachelor Pad (Retro and Pin-Up Girls)
www.answers.com (When you need answers)
Inventions & Ideas from ScFi Books
DVD Easter Eggs (Pretty colors, stinky eggs)
Sitcoms On Line (I may have to shoot the researcher for putting this one up.)
Ex Playboy Bunnies (Finally some decent eye candy!)
Fishing Knots (Don't try these at home!)
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test (test how pure u r)
Architecture Tours LA (Believe it or not the Tiki-Ti is part of the Silver Lake tour!)
The Old Negro Space Program (very funny)
Android World (Everything you need to build your own)

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