Tiki-Ti regulars and most first timers are familiar with the paper drink menus that are handed out by either one of the Michaels or someone who is close enough to hand them out (to all of you who do this, we thank you). Well those current menus have a long history, and not all of them were paper. The very first menu was about 7 by 5 inches and had 29 drinks listed. Over the years the menus were made out of paper, wood, and photo paper; they were handed out, on the walls, on the bar and now on the web. Here are a few of the many menus that the Tiki-Ti has used over the years. (Sorry prices no longer apply.)

You may notice that some of the drink names have changed or that some drinks are no longer on the menu.


In the early days, several wooden bar menus like this were stationed on top of the bar, to make it easy for patrons to choose a drink from the growing drink menu.

Ray Buhen (Michael's Father) made these for a short time. But for some reason they seemed to sprout wings fly away. So Ray stopped making wooden menus, that were not nailed down.

This is one of 4 permanent wooden wall menus. The odd looking white pea things in the middle are from painting out the prices and changing them over the years. Also if you look closely there is orange strip across the bottom next to the hands. This used to be the Lapu Lapu Senior, one of the few drinks no longer on the menu. This was a large driink that came in a bowl and was for 2 to 4 people. After a minor incident it was taken off the menu.

This wall menu was originally a lighted advertising item.

Michael painted the top and chest with black paint and then scratched out the menu.

Pretty clever.

Michael holding the first
Tiki-Ti menu that his dad Ray made.

Close up of the first Tiki-Ti menu

1971 menu on photo paper
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