This used to be one of the wooded menus that was recycled into a warning not to take drinks outside.

And by the way when you are at the Tiki-Ti Please:



Back in the early days of the Tiki-Ti and right up to the early 70’s almost all the specialty drinks were served in their own individual ceramic mugs or glass mugs. Each mug was chosen because it represented the name of the drink. The Scorpion was served in a Scorpion Bowl, the Cobras Fang was served in a Cobra mug, etc. The more colorful the name the more colorful the mug.

Naturally all of these mugs were kept at the Tiki, but as time went by they slowly started to walk away. Some people took them out the door, some thought they were a souvenir mugs (they were not). Many of them ended up in a thousad pieces on the floor. Funny how that tends to happen when you pour such stong drinks. By 1973 the Tiki-Ti stopped using these mugs and used the regular glasses they use now.

These days there is a renewed interest in ceramic tiki mugs, you see them all over the internet, ebay and in some specialty stores. In fact several of these mugs are being made as reproductions, so if you check around you may find them.

We don’t have any plans to start using them again, unfortunately the Tiki becomes so busy and crowded that it would be impossible to use them again. Besides, it would be nearly impossible to stock 85 diffent mugs! All we have now is the memories of the days when almost every drink at the Tiki-Ti had it's own mug.

Scorpion Bowl
Rum Barrel
Skull & Bones
Cobra’s Fang



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