Halloween pictures and video from 2006!

Polynesian Pop Culture may be just below the radar to most news outlets, but with a renewed interest in all things retro, the Tiki-Ti does get it share of press. Write-ups in major newspapers, magazines, local television and on the web.

Recently the Tiki-Ti was part of a local Los Angeles show about Sunset Blvd. and the Top 9 polynesian places in Southern California (we came in at number 2) and if you missed it or you live outside the area, here it is a Quick Time version of the Tiki-Ti on 9 On The Town.

We like to think that every day the Tiki-Ti is open is a special event, but some days are more special than others. Holidays like New Years (We are always open on New Years Eve, regardless of what day of the week it lands on.), Halloween, St. Patrick's, whatever the occasion is, it makes the Tiki-Ti even more enjoyable. So here are a few pictures of some of the holidays and happenings from the past: New Year's 2005 pictures and Halloween 2004 pictures. And finally we just added Halloween 2005 (To see the pictures click on the menu button Halloween '05 on the side of the news menu bar and this will open a new window.)

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