Patrons of Rare Character

Without regular patrons the Tiki-Ti, like so many other tropical bars, may have faded into tropical drink history. But a small number of loyal customers have helped keep the Tiki-Ti going strong over the years. And that loyal customer base is growing every day. Many by just coming in, others brought friends in that soon became regulars themselves. Some are even second generation Tiki regulars. Here we present a few of the many patrons that have kept the Tiki-Ti going for nearly 45 years.

The Usual Suspects are the people who are here almost every day at 4 PM sharp for the first tiki drink of the evening.

The Big Board (Patrons of Rare Character) are patrons who are long time regulars with over 20 years of of Tiki-Ti service. They not just regulars, they are true friends.

Long Time Patrons are the ones who were once regulars at the Tiki. You see their card on the wall and it may go back 10 or 20 years, but because they no longer live in the area they can’t get to the Tiki as often as they would like.

Who’s that at The Door? Well on the weekends it is probably the owner Michael. There are also a few others that help out, so if they ask you for your I.D. please co-operate. Remember the Tiki-Ti is very small bar, so we all need to respect each other’s space.

Last, but not least, we have our Tiki Tribute to those patrons that are near and dear to our hearts, but are now sipping a tall cool tropical drink with the Tiki Gods and Ray in the sky.

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