Many people ask:
Why don’t you have a FREE DRINK space?

We could but then we would have to have a PAY DOUBLE space!

The wheel was probably invented around 8,000 B.C. But the oldest know wheel was discovered in Mesopotamia and dates back to 3,500 B.C. And it's a good thing because without it would would not have The Wheel of Tiki-Ti Drinks!

Don’t know what to order?
Too many drinks on the menu that sound good?
Are you adventurous?
Then spin the “Wheel of Tiki-Ti Drinks”.
Just ask for The Wheel,
and leave your next drink choice
to the whims of the Tiki Gods!

1 Please don’t ask for The Wheel if you don’t intend to use The Wheel to choose a drink, especially when it is a very busy Friday or Saturday night.
2 If there is a particular alcohol that you don’t like:Tequila, Gin, Rum, etc. ( Rum would probably not be very wise choice to call ) you must call that you don’t want that alcohol first. Because if you spin it, you order it! ;-), well maybe you don't have to, but what fun is that?
3 If you followed rule number 2 then please don’t spin until you land on what you want. (You might as well just ask for that drink.)
4 If you want a Gin or Tequila drink and don’t want anything else, just choose one of the seven different drinks! Do you really need The Wheel?
5 Only spin again when you land on a Spin Again spot.
6 No using The Wheel for gambling.
7 Anyone caught spinning more than once (other than rules 2 and 5) or giving a wimpy spin will be taunted mercilessly by the Tiki-Ti regulars and forever be ban from The Wheel.
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